Midweek News

Blessings this week in this gorgeous autumn weather! May God be praised, it could stay this way year round as far as I’m concerned.

Worship this Sunday will be based on the quirky parable about the widow and the unjust judge. One of our confirmands, as we were studying the story said, “This is SO STRANGE!” How true. That’s our Lord Jesus alright, with his sense of humor. We’ll have beautiful hymns, as always! It is also our celebration of Pastor Dave Swan’s 40th anniversary of his ordination so we will have a prayer of blessing during worship for him, then a lovely little drop-in reception in the Welcome Area after each service. Bless you Pastor Dave, or as he calls himself now, “Just Plain Dave”. Kid-Friendly Worship will wrestle with Jacob wrestling the Angel. Our Adult Bible Study will be on the weird judge.

“Thank you gracious God for health care and trained medical people. Our system is imperfect but we are grateful for how you send your healing grace into our lives. Amen.”

Pastor Linda

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