Music has always been a part of the church and will always be a part of it.  Part of composing sacred music, being in a choir, playing an instrument, or singing a solo in worship is to contribute to an overall “uniting force.”  A choir is in a position of service to the congregation in worship.  Through their singing, the congregation reflects on the text by means of the choir’s clean, clear and expressive declamation.  Plus, each person involved, from the choir member to the instrumentalist, is able to bring his or her talents to the Lord by providing the best effort in working on the music and by presenting it to the Lord in worship.  Through music we have the opportunity to bring about praise, unique and meaningful experiences, and meditation to the church and, above all, to God.  Martin Luther once said that music was second to the Word of God.  Let us make music beautiful and give back to God what He has given us.

We invite you to join us and experience the living Word of God through music and the arts.  If you would like more details or have any questions, you may call the church office at 314.837.3589 and ask for Shirley Woods or contact Theodore Jander. We look forward to serving you and our Lord through the gift of music.