Our Story

Who ARE we?  What do we DO?  Those are questions we’re working to answer together.  We know who we have been–it’s clear in our History section–but who we are becoming as we grow and change, well, that’s what we’re working on.  This page will tell the stories of what we’ve been doing together.



It’s a long-standing tradition at Good Shepherd to gather for an early morning breakfast time of fellowship, followed by an Easter egg hunt and services.



For the past 3 years or so that we’ve had our Kid-Friendly Worship time, we’ve migrated that service upstairs for Easter morning to tell the story of Jesus’ last week in the stations of the cross.  This year was the same…but different.  This year we invited the children to journey WITH Jesus.  They were brought into the story as they walked through the Garden of Gethsamane.  They took red crosses on their hands to mark where the nails went into Jesus’ hands. They helped lay Jesus in the tomb. They smelled the incense that the women had brought to put on Jesus’ body.  They listened as an angel told them that Jesus had risen.  It was something new, and hopefully something wonderful to not just HEAR but be part of the story.  And then they went outside to share the good news–in celebration with bubbles and drawing chalk drawings on the ground.

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