We the people of Good Shepherd extend to you the hospitality of Christ. We invite you to experience God’s love and grace as we do. Everyone is welcome. We are a lively cross+generational gathered people following Jesus Christ, the Savior of the World, and his teachings. We are committed to growing and sharing Vibrant Faith. We also love to laugh.

Holy Week

This Holy Week looks to be a wonderful worship journey with our Lord.  So much worship with such beautiful depth!  This is the story of Christ’s last week.  The invitation for you is to come and dwell (Bible meaning is “to pitch your tent”) in the mind of Christ in these next days.  This is the journey to “have the same mind that was in Christ Jesus…who emptied himself…taking the form of a servant…”  Philippians 2

Everyone is welcome to join us. Be a stranger, no more. Whether you are a member, friend, or visitor, you are welcome.

Palm Sunday

We will gather outdoors with out palms and sing praises as we process in. Kid Friendly Worship will process in with the 10:45 group.

Maundy Thursday

Holy Thursday is a special Seder supper with worship and communion. 7:00

Good Friday

The Passion of Our Lord will be foremost in our minds as we gather together to remember his suffering and death. 7:00


  • First service begins at 7:45 with a ceremonial dressing of the Altar.
  • Worship begins at 8:00.
  • A community breakfast from 9:00 – 10:15
  • Easter egg hunt at 9:30
  • Kid Friendly Worship at 10:00 – Bringing A-L-L-E-L-U-I-A back.
  • Later worship is at 10:45 as usual.

Come celebrate the glory of Our Risen Lord!


Go therefore and make disciples of all nations. In Community

  • To Love.
  • To Serve.
  • To Worship.

We are children of God. We are redeemed by God’s love. We believe we are called to respect all people, honoring age, race, heritage, gender, and economic status. We are called to share our gifts and work as partners with all our neighbors and those in far away places. We are called to come together in worship, relationships and service. In order to live a Vibrant Faith in all that we do, we covenant with one another to these spiritual practices.

The Four Keys to Vibrant Faith.

I will seek to practice

  • Caring conversations
  • Devotions
  • Service
  • Rites and Traditions


Learn more about who we are and where we come from.


Sunday Worship at 8:15AM and 10:45AM

Kid Friendly Worship

Sundays 9:30AM begins with Story Time and 10:00 – 10:30 Kid Friendly Worship. All downstairs. We believe all children are God’s Children. We support families in learning to be faithful

Special Services

Baptisms House Blessing
Weddings Funerals / Memorials
Anointing the Sick Special Blessings for any occasion

Call the office for details.

Vibrant Faith

Resource Page


Throughout the year we share in many cross+generational special events. Servant-hood projects, fellowship gatherings, game nights, paper airplane contests, indoor snowball fights, picnicking and more. Look for announcements in the bulletins and here.

Evangelical Lutheran Church in  America

A churchwide organization working collaboratively with congregations, synods, agencies and institutions, and other partners to accompany congregations as growing centers for evangelical mission and to build capacity for evangelical witness and service in the world to alleviate poverty and work for justice and peace. ELCA_4_Color_Small_Website_Primary

Congregations In Service

Our mission is to uplift and promote service to the people around us through member organizations working together. While the original members are all North St Louis County/City ELCA congregations, membership is open to grow to include other denominations and/or groups in the St. Louis area. See the CIS website for more information.