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Welcome to LCGS 

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About Us

Would you like to be part of a friendly and joyful bunch of people who believe in God who created us in love? Who believe Jesus our Savior died for our sins and redeemed us? Who believe the Holy Spirit carries us through, guides us, and showers us with God’s blessings? Who believe all three are the one and Most Holy God?


Jesus is the host of our table and all are welcome to share in His Communion. Come, join us, and share in Communion and fellowship.

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Our Mission

Living Gracefully - Including Everyone - Knowing Christ

Extending Hospitality - Serving Generously

Many lives changed, expanded by God’s grace and led by God’s Spirit, to partner with God in our neighborhoods and beyond.

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COre Values

  1. Compassionate Serving Inside and Outside Our Walls

  2. Life-changing Worship and Music

  3. Transformative Faith Development

  4. Intentional Community Building

  5.  Faith Development

  6. Intentional Community Building

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Serving our Community

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Caring for Kids


Sleeping Mats

Feed Children

Image by John Price


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